Julkisen sosiologian projekti/Julkinen sosiologia 2018 / Public sociology 2018/Taulukko 4. Julkisen sosiologin toiminta

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Table 4. Starter list of public sociology projects


  • Teaching sociology
  • Public lecturing/panel discussion
  • Community workshop facilitating
  • Conducting research for government and non-governmental organizations
  • Writing beyond academic journals (books, blogging, op-eds)
  • Participating in news coverage
  • Creating social media content
  • Producing educational/training material
  • Writing policy briefs/reports
  • Advising/participating in movements, committees, coalitions
  • Collective storytelling, remembering, documenting, archiving
  • Networking and partnership-building


  • Participating in party politics
  • Working as a journalist
  • Working in social sector (youth worker)
  • Peace negotiator
  • Popular science writing