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The Authoritarian Personality by Th. Adorno, Else Frenkel-Brunswik,. Daniel J. Levinson and R. Nevitt Sanford, 1950

Bringing together the findings of psychoanalysis and social science, this book grew out of an urgent commitment to study the origins of anti-Semitism in the aftermath of Hitler's Germany. First published in 1951, it was greeted as a monumental study blazing new trails in the investigation of prejudice. As offshoots of ethnocentrism, anti-semitism and fascism cast new and dark shadows on the world, the topic again demands study and social action. "The Authoritarian Personality" remains an important document for our time. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Part of the F-scale in the net:

The Authoritarians by Robert Altemeyer is yet the most thorough investigation on authoritarianism both in its followers and leaders mode.

Download the book as pdf from the authors web-page [1]


  • Janne Kivivuori & Petteri Pietikäinen: Darwinisteja, freudilaisia vai konstruktionisteja? [2]
  • Alan Wolfe: 'The Authoritarian Personality' Revisited [3]