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Action Research 2.0 Project Planning for Boban Jakimovski[muokkaa]

Title:Team work on project assignments of IT using social media

Overall aim: Improving the quality of pupil’s IT through competition

Key words: IT competition, collaborative work, school, IT's projects

Key developmental goals of the project:

1. Develop student skills for building good blogs

2. Build practical experience using the following web sites: or

3. Increase student awareness about social media in education

4. Stimulate the learning process through work in teams

Key research questions of the study:

(Some pupils can release some theirs original ideas, the other know how will be realize by tools for social media)

1.Will the new method of assessment increase student interest in e-learning?

2.How e-tools affect on pupil’s education?

3.How to increase the time work?

4.How much publishing students materials using blogs will motivate students?

Research methodology and methods: researching on the net and communicate each other will be main method,then combination individual and group work

Analyzing the practical work of the pupils concluded that the problems with my current way of working are: - I’m working with 20 pupils at time; - pupils are working in couples on each computer, so each of them can work at the same time. - There was one incident recently - some of pupils simply didn’t want to work with someone else on the same computer(in different time, but the same recourse; - there was situations when some projects, previously saved locally, was lost; - the level of cooperation is very good. Using social media I expect to solve some of this problems. I will use the examples and observations about this subject found in the literature listed, as well as suggestions and advice I received during consultation sessions with my colleagues. The pupil’s interest for the new media will be examined using questionnaires. Discussions will be used for pupil’s activity planning and for giving critiques for other team works. Feedback obtained will be used in qualitative instruments for evaluation. Analysis and qualitative and quantitative evaluation of pupil’s work will include:

- participation in assignment activities – organizational skills;

- participation in discussions – collaborative effort;

- responsibility ;

- product quality ;

- feedback from discussions – how other pupils evaluate that work.

- Results will be compared with the other marks from this subject.

Research ethics: The contains in article have got names and pictures of pupils in school without harm enybody.

-The pupils will be informed about the planned activities.

-All works will be safe from unauthorized changes.

-Only the teacher will have access to their files.

-They will be public only for viewing – according to the wikis.

-Private information stays confidential.

Review of relevant literature

1.Informatika 6 odd-Daniela Gorgevik, Using web blogs

2.Short description of blogs and educational blogging (key blog features, types of blog, blogs in Education) : Sue Harrison-Introduction to blogs and educational blogging; File:Introduction to Blogs and Educational Blogging.pdf

3.Wikispaces for educators, (December 2008)

4.Mayra, F. (n.d.). "Games & Social Media - SoPlay." Retrieved Sept 9, 2008, from

5.ICT in Education, Primary Education Project - Improving the Use of ICT in Schools, (January 2009),

Activity plan:

My decision to use social media like media for pupil’s assignments is their idea and willingness to make some contribution in the world of wikis. They are using social media like a source of information, we’ll start with, it contains all the possibilities need – managing options, tab for discussions, and other options. The level of protection I intend to choose is: safe from unauthorized changes, but public for viewing. Pupils of VII_th grade (12-13 years old) will be informed about the upcoming action research and teams (3-5 members) of volunteers will be formed-25 pupils will be involved. Main criteria for their dividing in teams will be the age, capabilities, previous cooperation and of course, their own will. Pupils will have the lesson for introduction of the chosen social media and the available opportunities – printed (or electronic) learning materials with all necessary links will be delivered to them. The table with activity plan shows all other activities. All daily activities will be evidenced. Planed time for pupil’s involvement in AR realization is 1 month.

08-18.01/2009 - Planning of Action Research

20.01-26.02/2009 -Execute teacher's and practical student's activities (lessons for Blogs, creating profile)

01.03-31.03/2009 - Creating a project blog and publishing pictures on the blog, giving comments and mark grade Working on assignment activities Discussing Producing wiki articles Completing the post-questionnaires

01.04-20.04/2009 - Summing feedback and comments from students Analyzing product quality Summing feedbacks from discussions Analyzing and summarizing collected data Producing and announcing the final marks

20.04-25.05/2009 -Analysing data and preparing the report Analyzing and comparing this marks with the previous Summarizing data Writing the final AR report