E-Jump Project

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General Objective[muokkaa]

The overall objective of this project is to link up and connect various learning communities all over Europe and raise the role of communication in learning processes through implementation of 2nd generation e-learning (e-Learning 2.0) in higher and vocational education.

Specific Objectives[muokkaa]

  • To promote e-Learning 2.0 and raise competence and confidence of teachers by developing 3 training courses for the teachers and other staff of HE & VE concentrating on:
    • The New Technologies of E-Learning.
    • The New Assessment Methods of E-Learning.
    • Developing, Implementing and Evaluating an E-Learning Project
  • To enhance and develop the training courses further through testing the e-Courses among 90 teachers and other staff of HE & VE.
  • To identify the success factors and obstacles (assess and document the changes and improvements) of training courses and e-Learning 2.0 by carrying out an action research among the teachers who have participated in the training courses.
  • To establish 3 sustainable networks of teachers of HE & VE while writing the compendiums of the action research (sharing best practice of using e-Learning 2.0) with the help of the training course tutors.
  • To share the results and resources of the project with the wider community through composing the database where all the metadata and modules of the e-Courses are included.

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