Introduction to e-Assessment and the e-Learning Tools1

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To get familiar to ePortfolios and Wikis in such a level you can decide whether you would like to continue in a small group concentrating to these social medias.

use ePortfolios and Wikis in the learning.


Two social media will be introduced (ePortfolio and wikis). Get familiar with them and think whether you are interested to experience one of these social medias deeper during the course. ePortfolios are introduced in Moodle and wikis in wikiversity.

Introduce yourself in Moodle forum. Tell about your expecations in this course, your background as teacher, use of social media and everything else you would like to know also from you becoming peer. Based on these introductions pairs are formed within each small group. Aim is to find pairs who can support and assess each others learning. It may happen you are more experienced in the use of a certain social media and your pair instead has more experiences in pedagogy and in assessment.

From Orientation/Indroduction to Action Research Planning the following assignment is done with your action research student supervisor Iskra Popov. Make an arrangement to have a one to one or small group discussion with Iskra during the week beginning 1st December.

Take discussion and make 3 students use this two social medias with teachers.


Pedagogical background of wikis are nicely presented in following wiki-pages Collaborative Learningand Wiki as a tool for learning Collaborative Learning says "The final product [collaborative learning]is a message, an external artifact of the group knowledge at a particular point in time, which communicates the knowledge of the group." This is the case also in this New Methods of Assessment -course. Final product after collaborative working is a wiki-article about e-Assessment 2.0 and everybody is supposed to part in the production. All activities before this stage of the course support the production of final product.

Orientation to the world of wikismade by Satu Nurmela.

Wider background why we should write wikis is presented for example in Stewart Mader's wiki.

In wiki-small group we concentrate to explore assessment of learning. Can we assess single students and their learning process and final products or should we assess groups, collaborative processes and their final products?

Make familiar with wikis and build wikis.


You can find more information about ePortfolios in Moodle

We divided the introductory documents in a way you can read case studies, chosing tools and explore this subject on the web.

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Make familiar with ePortfolios and build ePortfolios.