New Methods of Assessment/Group work on chosen technology4

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To continue own information gathering in connection to own social media. Special emphasis in on gathering practices, ideas and experiences of assessment.


Beside peer tutoring you do also assessment of learning among peers. Here a peer assessment Tiedosto:PEER ASSESSMENT REPORT.pdfreport tutors expect to have in the end of the course. The same formula is in Moodle in doc-format. You can fill in with comments during the course and discuss the criterias and your weekly progress too according to the criterias.


Developing assessment for informing judgement


Further information on the ePortfolios Group is provided in the Moodle Area for this course.


Make this interview with your peer and some teacher using wikis. Document the interview and reflect it together with your peer.


Conduct the Interview - During this week you should aim to interview your chosen professional / educator on their use of blogs as a tool for assessment. Conduct this interview in whichever way is most appropriate (face-to-face, telephone, email, online chat etc) and document the findings together with your peer.

Write Blog Post - Following the interview reflect on the process and the answers and write a reflective blog post. Read and comment on your peers blog.

Interesting Blogs Commentary - Will Richardson's expression is worth thinking aout: By its very nature, assigned blogging in schools cannot be blogging. It's contrived. No matter how much we want to spout off about the wonders of audience and readership, students who are asked to blog are blogging for an audience of one, the teacher. When the semester ends, "students drop blogging like wet cement." Richardson wants to teach students to write with passion, but he notes: I can't let them do it passionately due to the inherent censorship that a high school served Weblog carries with it. Is assessement disturbing learning with blogging? Could it be vice versa and how?

Things you really need to learn is not so positive towards assessement: "Your school will try to teach you facts, which you'll need to pass the test but which are otherwise useless. In passing you may learn some useful skills, like literacy, which you should cultivate." What kind of assessent we need in education?

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Make your excursion and interview with your peer. Document the interview and reflect it together with your peer.

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