New Methods of Assessment/Orientation Module2

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To get an overview to Action Research.


Continue working with Introduction to Action Research in Moodleenvironment. Work according to information in Moodle.

Get the following recommended literature as to your readings for the course "New Methods of Assessment":

Boud, D. (ed) (2007). Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education. Routledge. 978-0-415-39779-7.


Bryan, C. & Clegg, K. (2006). Innovative Assessment in Higher Education. Routledge. 978-0-415-35642-8.

Mason, R. & Rennie, F. (2008). E-Learning and Social Networking Handbook. Routledge. 978-0-415-42607-7.

It is highly recommended you read this assessment literature because pedagogy of assessment has changed a lot during the past decades. Social networking may also be difficult to see as an entity and course literature (Mason & Rennie) describe the changes what using social media has to pedagogy. There are some materials in our course delicious with tag "assessement" and this delicious will grow during the whole course.

We know the recommended course literature can be difficult to find because it is new and because. You can ask if libraries could order the books for you and others interested in assessment. They are quite new books and perhaps are not yet available in the library. But this is the case now because we are dealing with "new" methods of assessment. Another option is to buy the books self. In case you don't get this literature as to your readings you can use link-materials we are collecting to eJump2.0 delicious(usename: ejump2.0 password: assessment1). There will be also discussions based on course literature and small summaries of the content during the course so this is the lightest level to get familiar with the content. Hopefully this helps enough because we can't buy the books for you or neither download them to web because of intellectual property rights.

Your local Action Research Study Supervisor is Iskra Popova.

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