Tagging and Tag Clouds

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Introduction to Tagging[muokkaa]

Tagging is a commonly used term which desribes authors of content (be that blogs, wikis, news articles, web pages, images, videos etc) using key words to describe the common themes contained within the content. As information grows within a site (e.g. as more blog enries are added) tags can be shown within a site by the use of a Tag Cloud. A tag cloud provides a visual representation of the number of times a specific tag has been used within any given site. Generally speaking, the more times a tag has been used, the larger that word will appear in the tag cloud.

Your Tagging Use[muokkaa]

Examples of tagging used throughout this course are available below:

  • Delicious Social Bookmarking Site - An account has been created on the Social Bookmarking site Delicious to enable any participants to add bookmarks to interesting online content they have found relating to this course. When every link is added, the site asks for key words to describe the contents of the site. As users add their bookmarked pages, a list of all the key words are created and then appear on the page as a 'Tag Cloud'.Further information on the use of Delicious is available from the Social Bookmarking page.
  • Personal Blogs - As users create and add entries to their personal blogs, they will add key words to each of the entries. This will enable the user (and any visitors) to naviate to other blog entries tagged with the same words. This can make the essentially linear blog a vary navigable tool.

Useful Information and Resources[muokkaa]