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HUOM! Tilannekatsaus [muokkaa]

Ti 26.2. klo 10-11:30 Kaikki paikalle (väh. 1/ryhmä). Tutustukaa ennakkoon muiden projektien tilaan ja valmistautukaa esittelemään omaa projektianne!

Wed Jan 23 2008[muokkaa]

Today was the kick-start of Open Communication-Software Planning- course. We familiarized ourselves with the available projects and formed five groups. The goal of our team (Anna, Toni & Mika) is to design and program a microblogging software that could be used as a tool to improve and develop communication in geographically distributed cooperation.

We managed to draft some basic ideas of the structure, content and the aim of our project. As of now, we are focusing on summarizing the main functions of our software; WHAT it can, should and could do for the user(s). After this our next step will be to develop our project concept which will help us to modify additional features to the software.

Next week we will have two tutoring sessions with Markus and Juhana. After finalizing our project plan, we will have a meeting with our technical tutor Kai who will help us to get started in the actual coding part of the assignment.

Sounds good. Feel free to send me the plans and concepts as soon as you finish them so I can take a look before our meeting. -Kai-

Mon Jan 28 2008[muokkaa]

After completing our team member with the third member, Mika Alatalo, the group managed to discuss further about the architecture, concept and content of the microblog. We agreed that this microblog would be aimed students, teachers, and staff of Metropolia who wish to exchange and receive information via “formal” questions. The text field should not hold more than 200 characters in order to keep comments and conversations short.

As users register and create their own profile, they are required to fill in information on their study program, which will determine the background colour of their comments when logged in, which will indicate what study program the blogger is representing.

Our current plan is to divide the tab navigation to four degree programmes, which will enable user(s) to connect with fellow students first-hand base on matters related to their own study program, but also to communicate with students /staff all around Metropolia. The content pages divide all comments in two categories: Latest posts and The Most Popular Posts. The site bar on the right hand side is static and consists of users own input (e.g. comments and discussions), general archive and search field.

After discussing with Markus and Juhana tomorrow, we will have more information on how to proceed with the project. In addition, each team member will design a layout and the final visual look will be decided later on.

Toni's layout: Media:blogi_leiska.jpg

Tue Jan 29 2008[muokkaa]

Today the group had tutoring sessions with Markus, the responsible teacher and Juhana, the conceptual sparrer. After presenting our project plan to the latter, the team was introduced with an alternative approach to the microblog-project; using Facebook Platform for a framework to create an application for Metropolia students (and why not other staff members as well).

Instead structuring a microblog from scratch and customizing appealing to the target group (students mainly), the team would rely on an already existing, highly popular web-based social network and design a feature for that environment. In order to construct a fun and simple Facebook Application, the team will try and find aspects that might interest and unite as many Metropolia members as possible.

Next stage is to introduce ourselves with various Facebook applications. Each team member will gather ideas for next week’s “brainstorm seminar”. Also the aspect of programming will be taken in to consideration. After narrowing our Application-ideas down to a handful, we will book new meetings with Juhana, Markus and finally Kim.

--> Is Facebook now THE Metropolia-thing? Did you find the facebook programming api and so on? -Markus

Yes, we have been looking in to the programming part, brainstormed and developed ideas around this platform.

Tue Feb 5 2008[muokkaa]

Today we had a discussion on various ideas for a Facebook application:

1. Class calendar for Metropolia Students
2. Event Calendar for student parties (this could include different features such as ratings, photo albums etc.)
3. Look-a-like-feature where you compare teachers with celebrities, e.g. Markus Norrena AND André Wickström :)
4. General daily poll between different faculties which would be used for daily statistics.
5. Compare cafeterias and/or the daily menu - type of "voting system"
6. Fridge magnet -
7. Other ideas and suggestions from students / teachers are DEFINITELY taken into consideration!

We will try and book a tutoring session with Juhana to further discuss these ideas.

Tue Feb 5 2008[muokkaa]

Today we finalized our project plan. After consulting our concept sparred, Juhana, the team decided to create an application on Facebook for Metropolia students within Stadia Network (this will change once Metropolia establishes its own network). Relying on a daily poll - function, each student can vote simply by clicking “yes” or “no” on the daily query. The questions will covered from various fields but will mostly -or tries - to focus on issues related to Metropolia School. Our working title will be: METROPOLL

Each team member will design a layout for the interface by Feb 13 Wednesday. In addition to this, the team will focus more on the technical limitations and possibilities. The canvas sizes and additional visual restrictions were taken into consideration at today’s meeting.

--> What is your project situation now? Myöskin, vaihtari poistui keskuudestamme, joten saatte jatkaa suomeksi tai englanniksi oman maun mukaan. -Markus

Tue Feb 19 2008[muokkaa]

Project plan has been altered slightly, we will now produce a Facebook application, a "locator" for Metropolia students so they can keep track of their friend's whereabouts. This application will consist two locations : Faculty in Helsinki and the facility inside (e.g. cafeteria or classroom). After this, application prints a list of listed friends and where they are currently located. Team has started on the coding process and will start planning the visual side of the application next Thursday.

--I think this is a very good and small-scale concept. Great! --Juhana 16:38, 21 February 2008 (UTC)

...and you are still alive and kicking? Good :) Please send us software invitations soon. *Markus

Thu 27.3.2008[muokkaa]

We have a live demo on the net: http://apps.facebook.com/missaoot/ You have to install it. Feel free to try. =)