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Final report of OpenMeetings Release Candidate 6, Beta 6[muokkaa]


"Open communication - a software study" was a data technology course, where 5 different groups were established, with each group handling it's assigned software to study. Our group goals with OpenMeetings was to install, operate and think / create modifications to the software. Modifications would be created after a conceptual background work, which took place in other course. No actual requirements for pre-course knowledge (eg. programming experience) were necessary.


Log for the course progress (in finnish) could be found here: [1]


Concept (in finnish) is found here: [2]

Installation guide

Release Candidate 6, Beta 6

Server O/S

Ubuntu-Server 7.10 - Gutsy Gibbon / Release i386


1) Created database "openm"

2) Installed OpenOffice (for the converter), ImageMagick and SWFTools. GhostScript was already found

3) Downloaded and unpacked Red5 ~/red5 ($RED5-HOME)

4) Installed Java7 (Iced Tea) and Apache Ant 1.79.

PROBLEM: Tried to compile Red5 with Ant in /$RED5-HOME resulting only errors pointing towards to used JDK. SOLUTION: Uninstalled Iced Tea, and installed Java 6.

Fixed patches to Java and Ant:

 export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/
 export ANT_HOME=/opt/ant/

then, compiling was successful.

5) Executed $RED-HOME/dist/Red5.sh: started Red5 server without errors.

6) Downloaded and unpacked OpenMeetings v. 0.5 RC6 (beta6) to $RED5-HOME/webapps ($OPENMEETINGS-HOME), creating directory webapps/xmlcrm.

7) Configured MySQL-Database-User in mysql_hibernate.cfg.xml:

 <property name="connection.username">root</property>
 <property name="connection.password">password</property>
 <property name="connection.url">jdbc:mysql://YOUR_HOSTNAME/YOUR_DATABASE</property> 

and then renaming it to hibernate.cfg.xml.

8) Re-started Red5 server.

9) Accessed Red5 testpage in Everything functional so far.

10) Access attempt to, 404. Access attempt to, with lowercase 'i' in 'Install', 404.


Installation done after the guide (see Installation Guide). However, OpenMeetings itself couldn't be installed succesfully after numerous tries.

  • Opensource Java-versions (like Iced Tea) won't compile Red5 correct. Use official JDK.

Post-course thoughts

  • Couldn't installation guide be more specific? Information like technical specifications (hardware, O/S) would be preferred.
  • Open-Laszlo should be noticed in some way in installation guide / OpenMeetings website whatsoever, because it plays great role if any modifications would be planned to OpenMeetings.
  • With current resources, our group didn't have alternative to install OpenMeetings to different server. The main reason for unsuccessful installation could probably be the used Ubuntu version. This, although, would be asked from developer(s), because the motive and reason for software not working in latest / various Linux-releases is unknown.