Ulkar Bayramova

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Action Research 2.0 Project Planning for Ulkar Bayramova[muokkaa]

Title: New Methods of Assessment for the Universities in Azerbaijan

Overall aim:

The overall aim of this research is to explore the methods used for learning and assessment in different higher education systems in Europe and test which of them might be appropriate for the students enrolled in the classes with credit point system at the universities in Azerbaijan where the oral & written exams used to be the only way of student assessment.

Key words: assessment methods, Bologna process, credit point system, experiment, Universities in Azerbaijan.

Key developmental goals of the project: (3-5 ideally)

1. Introduce new paradigms with assessment at the Universities in Azerbaijan 2. Improve learning process 3. Show good examples of assessment as a stimulant for better performance

Key research questions of the study: (3-5 ideally)

1. Check whether students at the universities are prepared to accept new assessment methods.

2. Investigate which methods of assessment are appropriate for the classes with credit-point system at different universities

3. Estimate how the student learning is affected by the new assessment methods

4. Compare student learning in cases when the old and new methods of assessment is used.

Research methodology and methods: (outline of approach to research and main methods with reference to key literature)

1. Interview 2. Questionnaire 3. Analysis 4. Synthesis

Research ethics: (Include a short statement outlining potential ethical issues that you may face and in particular how you will ensure informed consent, anonymity, confidentiality, beneficence i.e. positive good and non-malfeasance i.e. no harm).

Students are not ready for such types of experiments. Therefore, we will explain them in advance goals of our research & their role in this experiment. They will know that results of this experiment does not influence to their daily lessons. Participation in this experiment will not prevent to achieve it successes on study, on the contrary will help them to achieve good results. We will prepare students for this experiment psychologically.

Review of relevant literature (~1500 words plus list of references)

1) http://www.elearning-reviews.org/topics/pedagogy/assessment/assessment-methods/2004-ridgway-mccusker-pead-literature-review-e-assessment/

2) http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~content=a713698115~db=all?waited=0

3) http://www.myessays.com/details.php?eid=11881

4) www.wcer.wisc.edu/nise/cl1

5) Monitoring in the education system & new assessment methods, A.Mehrabov, 2007, Baku.

Activity plan:

Work plan consists of from two parts: 1st part is to intend in traditional session exams of our university, which will be with tests. We will observe exam process, after exam analyze results & include to our research work. There is will be exams from Philosophy, History in 3 faculty of our university & will participate nearly 3 hundred students in this exams. We will give exactly results in th end of our research. Second part, we will provide experiments with my students to learn new assessment methods of learners. I will collaborate with one my colleague from our university. At first, we will choose subject & group for my experiment. Then we will prepare guide for experiment & for students. We will take the part of curriculum from February until April. We will take one group at our university & one group in other university of the republic, which is already working many years on credit point system, like Kafkaz, or Khazar universities. The group, which we will take from our university, has been dividing to 2 half groups. For first half group we will use traditional methods of assessment, but for second half group we will use new assessment methods. The first group will end their class with final exam. In the second group will pass tests in February, assignments in March, presentation on 15th of April & exam on 30 April. The group, which we will take from Kafkaz or Khazar universities, has been only observing. In the end of the experiment, we will compare all getting results. We will give report about the results of our experiment in the Academic Council at our university, publish it in the scientific journal in Azerbaijan & include it to my research work.