Your own experience with cultural heritage as a user of social media (e.g. Facebook)

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First considerations!

Cultural heritage is a very broad subject. It includes tangible as also intangible cultursl heritage. Intangible cultural heritage are for example dancing, music, how people of different cultures act in different situtaiones, the maintenance and development of language etc. During my recherches for the representation of cultural heritage in social media I recognized that for example in facebook the representation depends on the interests oft he users. My facebook account is full of content about music, dancing, travelling, crafting, other cultures and art. I love to learn languages so I liked several pages to learn languages which are similar in their base frame. From time to time they post tascs to learn vocabulary or videos or music and when you use facebook you can listen to music and learn during you do something else on facebook. Depending on the interests of the users they use other pages and the pages are represented in an other way. What is very important in representating an event or something else is that it have to be on the spot. Very important are pictures because they are the first things which you see und you decide very often because oft he pictures that this facebook group could be interesting for you.

Futher steps

I browsed my facebook page and found museums pages, music pages, pictures from dancing, travel pictures, where different sights are imaged behind me or my friends etc. The most of "like pages" are musics, dancing, travel, crafting and also museums like the Joanneumsviertel in Graz and the Albertina. very much austrian pages.

1.)One of my pages is "Ich liebe Graz" where people can post fotos from the city and from places they like. Its really great. Some pictures are named and so you can search for the places for instance on google maps. Most pictures shows the "Grazer Uhrturm" which is the landmark of Graz. It is linked with other for Graz important places or institutiones. For example with the operahouse, the Joanneum, the University of Graz etc.!/IchliebeGraz?fref=ts

2.)The next page is "I love travel" where pictures from the best places are imaged which you have to visit. It is connected with lots of language pages which I also have liked, because they are great to improve your skills. (Me encanta el español, J'aime le français, English is Fun)!/SubscribeIfLoveTravel?fref=ts

3.)The above mentioned language pages: They are not only for learning the language, they also show sights and cities of the country,explain where it is and what it is, show music, videos etc.!/FrenchPage?fref=ts

In addition I looked at the pages of friends and they had similar pages, but what they liked depends among others on their homecountry, because Carlos who is from Brasil had lots of brasilien videos, pictures and music on his page, or Asnake from Ethiopia had lots of food photos, lot of animal pictures, but also a lot of travel pictures when he was in Austria. For example one where he and his wife postured as Sisi and Franzl. Or in the viennese church St. Augustine. Most of my friends had pictures of themselves in front of important sights. What I found out too, was that almost everybody was once before linked in a christmas picture, or nearly everybody has posts on his wall for chrstmas, or other celebrations, like Valentines Day or other during the time developed traditions.!/pages/Salsa-Samba-Latin-Dance-in-Graz/131231733583905

Most of the cultural heritage content on facebook is represented via pictures and posts, but there are also videos, for example a trailer for a imminent exhibition or something.!/AlbertinaMuseum?fref=ts!/vereinmusis?fref=ts