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Mu Pori o kaunis[muokkaa]

Personal Impression[muokkaa]

The page has nearly 6.000 fans. There is also a group on Facebook. It has only 20 members and you need permission to join. The page says that "Mu Pori o kaunis" is a community. They keep this impression through sharing other peoples photos instead of rea-uploading them with the own Pori account. The photos are from different people. In my eyes lot of them have a photographic background. I would call them at least amateur photographers. The photos are made in a very artistic way and you can see some technical skills within like light composing or postproduction. These photos are at a very high level and appeall quite beautifully to the visitors of the page. The get a lot of "likes". This might have to do with the "beauty" within but also with the connection to the city or landscape around Pori, although you can hardly relate this photos to places in this area when you don't know them. All informations and comments are written in finish. This limits the international factor of this project. As a non-finish-speaker you can just like the nice photos but dont get the deeper information which is a pity.

They also have an own website [1] where you can also see their "logo" really good. Its basically the lettering "Mu Pori o kaunis" with an crown above the "P" in Pori. I had little information about the city so it took me a while to recognize that this crown is a link to the city emblem. The website looks really nice in my eyes. They show the same beautiful photos but the situation is the same. You have little connection to the city Pori cause most of the photos are nature photos of landscapes which could be taken anywhere.


Im not sure of the goals of this community. Its a perfect site for photosharing at a very high level. It might help to improve the appearance of the city and make it attractive for tourists as well. In my eyes informations should be available in english as well to transfer information and not only share photos. I think for the people living in Pori this page is perfect to show the beautiful parts of the city and maybe that is the aim of the page to create and raise the feeling that the people are living in an awesome area. If so the page can certainly increase the selfestem of the inhabitants of Pori and after the discussion with the rest of our group we agreed that this might be the maingoal of this project.

Its difficult to analyse a page where you can hardly understand anything. Photos are the most important part of the page but without additional informations they remain as a nice collection but you get no impression of the community behind this page.

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