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Introduction to Critical Social Sciences (5–7 credits). The course consists of the following readings, a series of study circles in Zoom or other digital platform, and writing a learning diary or an essay.

Reading list

  • Bourdieu, Pierre (1998). Acts of Resistance. Against the New Myths of Our Time. (Finnish translation: Vastatulet, 1998)
  • Freire, Paulo (1968). Pedagogy of the Oppressed. (Finnish translation: Sorrettujen pedagogiikka, 2005)
  • Hooks, Bell (1994). Teaching to Transgress. Education as a Practice of Freedom. (Finnish translation: Vapauttava kasvatus, 2005)
  • Illich, Ivan (1972). Deschooling Society. (Finnish translation: Kouluttomaan yhteiskuntaan)
  • Marx, Karl & Engels, Friedrich (1845). The Communist Manifesto. (Finnish translation: Kommunistisen puolueen manifesti)
  • Parker, Martin (2018). Shut Down the Business School. What’s Wrong with Management Education. (Finnish translation: Kaadetaan kauppakorkea. Miksi bisneskouluista pitäisi tehdä organisointikouluja? 2019)