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Action Research 2.0 Project Planning for Maja Rzarova[muokkaa]


Making capable the students in using wikis, enhance the process of learning and acquiring new knowledge

Overall aim[muokkaa]

To acquire new knowlage and skills in using wikis in the learning and self-evaluating process

Key words:[muokkaa]

Wikis, Computer science, ICT projects, primary education, collaborative work, selfassesment

Key developmental goals of the project:[muokkaa]

(3-5 ideally)

  • Collaborative work between the students
  • The students should learn to use wiki
  • Alternate evaluating and selfevaluating on all phazes in making the projects
  • Using techniques and expert's manuals for usage one the Ethical codec for assesment
  • Discovering and introducing with the possibilities which are offered by wiki

Key research questions of the study:[muokkaa]

(3-5 ideally)

  • How should I learn the students to work with Wikis ?
  • How can I help them to realize the meaning of wiki ?
  • How can I make their interests bigger for work with wiki ?
  • How can I make better the quality on the assesmentwith wiki?

Research methodology and methods:[muokkaa]

(outline of approach to research and main methods with reference to key literature) The thing which made me to choose wiki as a new method for learning is the possibility for invigoration on the collaborative learning and acquiring new knowlage in the process on real selfevaluating the same.

  • There will be included about 30 students (12 years old)
  • The realization on the educational process will be performed in the computer science classroom which has 15 computers (Pentium 4) with included inthernet and LCD projector.
  • Forming teams
  • Choise of contents for realization on the projrct
  • Choise of activties
    • work manuals
    • searching on Wikipedia
    • sorting on the chosen contents
    • evaluating on the achievments with using ICT, technology, and Ethical codec
  • Evaluating the activitties from the teacher while using
  • Criteria for succees
    • analization on fulltime activities
    • Motivating the success and taking over on activities for removing the bad sides in the achievment
    • Standarzed (coordinated) evaluation in teaching. Coordination of evaluation of the student's work on a lesson with the grades from different tests.
    • Setting clear goals (aims)
They are clearly set at the beginning for the students and for the tezchers as well.
    • A picture for the student's abilities
- Profundity - Ability for the students to show quality in their work without a pressure
- Broadness  - Plentiful list of skills which are demonstrated
- Growth - Show ability for continual use and development of knowledge and abilities
    • Means for valuation of diferent abilities
    • Development of the cognition for personal learning
    • Development of independent and active students
    • Means for valuation of the abilities for demonstration and proving
    • Improvment of the relationship student - teacher

Research ethics:[muokkaa]

(Include a short statement outlining potential ethical issues that you may face and in particular how you will ensure informed consent, anonymity, confidentiality, beneficence i.e. positive good and non-malfeasance i.e. no harm).

  • The individuality and the originality while making the projects will be protected and guarantied.
  • The organization and the administration on the work on the students will be made just by my side, with out any assistment on other students and teachers

Review of relevant literature[muokkaa]

(~1500 words plus list of references)

  • Compuer science for 5-th grade ( G. Jovancevski)
  • Wikipedia -
  • Wikispaces for educators
  • Primary Educations Project

Activity plan:[muokkaa]

(a programme of work with particular tasks to be done)

16.02 - 20.02.2009[muokkaa]

Meeting the students with wiki and informing them about the activity plan

23.02 - 27.02.2009[muokkaa]

Forming teams and practical meeting the students with some wiki-sites

Defining the themes on the content in the projects and starting to make the projects

Telling the students to use the ethical codec

Searching on Wikipedia


02.03 - 06.03.2009[muokkaa]

Making the projects Self-evaluating

09.03 - 13.03.2009[muokkaa]

Making the projects

  • Searching on Wikipedia
  • Following the advancement on the students
  • Telling the students to use the ethics codec
  • Self-evaluating

16.03 - 20.03.2009[muokkaa]

Analize the fulltime activities on the students by format assesment and summing assesment discussion with evaluating