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Action Research Group[muokkaa]

Supervised by | Iskra Popova.

I have opened the AR Implementation page for all of you who have either already started or is about to start with the implementation phase of the project. You can structure this page according to your needs.

You can still comment on AR planning forms your colleagues have made. Please place your comments in the "discussion" section.

I urge all of you who has not finished their first draft to do it as soon as possible. The last deadline to this is March 6th.

1. Kati Vilonen, AR Planning Form ; 1a. AR Implementation

2. Llanos Mora

3. Maria Jose Servan AR plan in ELGG shared with Encarana Soto

4. Pirjo Pietikäinen, The project canceled due to the canceled cource.

5. Snjezana Babic

6. Vicente Novegil, AR Planning Form ; 6a. AR Implementation

7. Jaana Fränti transfered to UOC course

8. Elizabeta Dzonova, AR Planning Form ; 8a. AR Implementation

9. Amanda Wilson-Kennard transfered to NeTel course

10. Maja Rzarova, AR Planning Form ; 10a. AR Implementation

11. Enosha Hettiarachchi supervised by Gihan Wikramanayake

12. Ankica Stevanoska Jancheska, AR Planning Form ; 12a. AR Implementation

13. Boban Jakimovski, AR Planning Form ; 13a. AR Implementation

14. Goce Dimeski, AR Planning Form ; 14a. AR Implementation

15. Zoran Filov

16. Ulkar Bayramova, AR Planning Form ; 16a. AR Implementation

17. Gihan Wikramanayake part of NeTel course as well

18. Christopher Seow The AR planning form sent via e-mail.

19. Ulrich Tiedau


1. Satu NurmelaSatu's page

2. Eva Kitus

3. Reet Soosaar

4. Boban Jakimovski

5. Elizabeta Dzonova

6. Ankica Stevanoska Jancheska

7. Zoran Filov

8. Goce Dimeski

9. Maja Rzarova

10. Ulkar Bayramova

11. Snježana Babić

12. Svetlana Hasanova

13. Margareta Zajkova

14. Merike Saar


1.Enosha Hettiarachchi

2. Annely Kallo

3. Liujan Liu

4. Pirjo Pietikäinen

Virtual worlds[muokkaa]

1. hvdsluis

2. Margareta Zajkova

3. Llanos Mora

4. Taavi Tamberg


1. Eve Lamberg User:Lamberg[[1]]

2. Sirle Bürkland

3. Maria J. Servan

4. Kati Vilonen

5. Gihan Wikramanayake

6. Joaquim Silva

7. José Vicente Novegil

8. Linda Mannila

9. Svetlana Hasanova

10.Sofia Malheiro (Portugal)