New Methods of Assessment/Overview of the course structure

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New Assessment Methods Course
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Please find below a week-by-week overview of the activities for the New Assessment Methods course. Further detailed information is provided within the pages containing information on the e-Learning tools.

Course Week Number: Week Commencing Date Activity
Week 1 10 November 2008/calendar week 46 Orientation Module1
Week 2 17 November 2008/calendar week 47 Orientation Module2
Week 3 24 November 2008/calendar week 48 Orientation Module3
Week 4 01 December 2008/calendar week 49 Introduction to e-Assessment and the e-Learning Tools1
Week 5 08 December 2008/calendar week 50 Introduction to e-Assessment and the e-Learning Tools2
Week 6 15 December 2008/calendar week 51 Group selection
Week 7 22 December 2008/calendar week 52 Vacation
Week 8 29 December 2008/calendar week 1 Vacation
Week 9 05 January 2009/calendar week 2 Group work on chosen technology1
Week 10 12 January 2009/calendar week 3 Group work on chosen technology2
Week 11 19 January 2009/calendar week 4 Group work on chosen technology3
Week 12 26 January 2009/calendar week 5 Group work on chosen technology4
Week 13 02 February 2009/calendar week 6 Group work on chosen technology5
Week 14 09 February 2009/calendar week 7 Group work on chosen technology6
Week 15 16 February 2009/calendar week 8 Writing of Wiki Article1
Week 16 23 February 2009/calendar week 9 Writing of Wiki Article2
Week 17 02 March 2009/calendar week 10 Writing of Wiki Article3