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New Assessment Methods Course
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Further information on the Tutors for the New Assessment Methods course is available from the Tutors section

General Approach[muokkaa]

Beside small groups we use peer tutoring and peer assessment as methods. This means each students in each small group has a peer with whom s/he does activities of the group and the assessment of learning.

Peer tutoring and peer assessment

Weekly Activities[muokkaa]

Further detailed information on the weekly interactions and tasks can be found under the tools sections. Please navigate to an overview of the course structure.


Participants of our course come from a wide variety of countries and thus there are also many time zones. Beside asynchronouos interaction we organise also synchronous interaction and this is why we have to be up to date when they are going to happen. When you plan meetings with your peer or small group take a look at world time. Tutors and Study Guide use UTC time. For example UTC 13-14 (Helsinki UTC +2) means that time is then in UK 11-12, In Sweden 12-13 and in China 19-20). (You can add here time in you country so it is easy to check here). In Warsaw 12 AM in Azerbaijan 15 PM.

Technologies for use with Assessment[muokkaa]

Within the New Assessment Methods course, participants will be provided with introductions to 4 major technologies. Following this introduction participants will be asked to choose one of the technologies which interests them most and then collaborate with other participants in a group on that chosen topic. Further introductory information on each of the technologies is provided below, along with detailed week-by-week information on the activities within each section.

The technologies this course will concentrate on are as follows:

There are also a number of common issues and themes which relate to the use of new technologies within education and assessment. You will become familiar with these as you progress throughout the course, but initial concepts and details are provided below.

e-Assessment 2.0[muokkaa]

This wiki article will be produced together with all 30 students participating the course New Assessment Methods. Whilst this wiki is available throughout the course, weeks 7-9/2009 (9-28 February) will specifically concentrate on the writing of this wiki. The aim of this activity is to produce a wiki article about e-Assessment which is also sustainable and available for all interested in assessment. There will be also special guests visiting this site during these weeks. Very special...

The aim is that each small group (ePortfolio, wiki, blog, virtual world) produce specific pages of learning assessment with this social media (user experiences, lessons learnt, weakest points, strongest points, examples, links etc). There will also be more general assessment pages where all participants produce and modify content, dicuss ideas, comment on content etc.

Lets make this wiki article useful for ourselves and for others!

eAssessment 2.0

Further Links and Useful Resources[muokkaa]