Tracking and Cultural Heritage

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TripAdvisor City Guides[muokkaa]

TripAdvisor - City Guides App

TripAdvisor City Guide London - Review


  • information of different sites and places (including prizes and reviews of users)
  • offering helpful additional information, e.g. nearby bus stations
  • offline maps
  • guidebook – showing places near your location and guiding you there (“Point me There”-feature)
  • trip journal and sharing option
  • self guided free tours – from TripAdvisor members or destination experts
  • personalized trip itineraries

This application works as a personal tour guide through a city. By using the GPS function you get related information using the current location of the user by tracking the present position. Furthermore this application can guide you to any site or place you chose from the list offered. You can even create your own routes by entering your preferences and adding or deleting attractions. This way you can create personalized tours, which you can also share with others.

The focus of this application is to offer information about the attractions and the routes from other users, or rather from experts. Our application has its focus on the self-creating tours and sharing these individual experiences with others including not just tourists but also locals. The most interesting features from that app – regarding our group project – are the offered tours by other people and the personalized trip itineraries. Within our application we also want to offer suggested routes but it should be used more as a platform to give users the possibility to share their individual experiences while discovering a city. The users should be able to track their route and add photos, which had been taken on this route, and then share it with other users. The information regarding the sites themselves should be offered nevertheless, but mostly as an additional feature.

In brief, the features we could adapt to our cultural heritage tracker are the self guided tours and the personalized trip itineraries with an extra option to add opinions on the routes taken and the possibility to extend them with self-taken pictures. This way we also try to encourage citizens to use the application to offer interesting tracks about their home town and showing their perspective on places, sites and the city as a whole.

mTrip Travel Guide[muokkaa]

Travel Guide - mTrip

Monument Tracker[muokkaa]

Monument Tracker website

The Monument Tracker is a travel guide to discover a lot of different cities like Marseille, Toulouse, Rome, Aix en Provence, London, Lyon, Madrid, New York City, Paris, Venice etc. You can find places you dind’t know before, roads, streets, churches, museums and everything that is worth seeing. Adittional, Monument Tracker gives informations and tells you the history of the places and there monuments, art works etc.

The App is an interactive Tourist guide with the facilities of geolocation and augmented reality. You can set up an alert distance between 30m and 1000m and during you are walking through the city, because of GPS notifications on the special sights you are walking by are appearing on your smartphone as an automatically message. It doesn’t interfere other functions of the phone like calls, text messages etc and the alerts will be also send when the app is in standby.

It is available for Iphone and Android and because of its possibility to be used offline too, you can skip the problems with roaming charges. You can share the sight you have seen and the way you’ve gone with friends on different platforms like facebook and twitter.

The informations about the monuments, which are resumed by certified guides, contain the historical background, time period and anecdotes.

The price for the application depends on how many monuments are stored. It ranges from 1,59€ to 2,39€.

How to use the Monument Tracker:[muokkaa]

  • The first step is to configurate the alert distance which is from 30 to 300 meters and gives you the possibility to get a signal when you pass a monument according to the distance you have chosen. Recommended are 50m if you are walking and 100m if you are by car (but this varies according to which city’s Monument Tracker you have.
  • After that, to get going you have to start the geolocation.
  • During your tour, a signal alerts you of monuments near to you and gives you information about the history and anecdotes in Push mode.
  • There are important and useful icons like Map, Description and List. The Map locates the monuments that are near to you and compiles a tour for you. The Description visualizes the monuments by adding texts and photos. With the List you can view the last monuments with their photos and texts.
  • You can also come in contact with the Tourist Offices that are partners and guarantee the quality of the informations, take photos although the app isn’t closed and you can arrange your own tour.
  • Other advantages are that you can put your phone in sleeping mode to spare your batteries and the app is still working. You don’t need to have internet connection when you have downloaded the offline version and it should be multilingual usable.

ROME Monument Tracker trailer