Web 2.0 and Social Media: EuroMACHS at University of Graz, Fall 2012

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Themes of the course[muokkaa]

Basically this Web 2.0 and Social Media course was more like a tryout of different tools to get to know them and the possibilities they offer. We also had to do small exercises or write short texts to themes like our previous experience with Web 2.0 tools, our thoughts about Mobile Learning and what we learned in this course. We also had to do a small groupwork to certain topics where we presented them in use of Web 2.0 tools.

Previous experience[muokkaa]

Considerations about Mobile Learning[muokkaa]

Social Media[muokkaa]



Web-based presenting and informing[muokkaa]


Cloud-based presentation software


Creating blogs or websites

Web-based Tools for collaborative work[muokkaa]

Google Docs

Creating and sharing your work online and accessing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and surveys from anywhere


Community wiki spaces, visual page editing, and discussion areas


Brainstorming online with colorful mindmaps


Free online whiteboard that allows users to collaborate in real-time


Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in real-time

Web-based Tools for project- and knowledgemanagement[muokkaa]


Collaborative cloud scheduling


Project managemant tool for documents, projects, team and clients


Creating online newspapers

Groupwork and presentation[muokkaa]

This are the links to the final presentations/blogs our groups made. Unfortunately all of them are only in German.

Marketing of Music and Artists with Web 2.0 and Social Media

Learning Environments and Types of Learning

Open Content and Copyright

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